Monday, January 28, 2008

You'll spend it with me...

A hurried movement was caught, and then released, from the corner of her right eye. She thought to herself, blessed are the stupid. Faithful are the blind. Taken are the simple. A danger to the critical mind.

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FreNeTic said...

The Neuveau Atheism has gotten me down - too condescending, too much of a predictable reaction. I was initially amused by it, but in short time I felt like it was agreeing too much to feel being in a mob or a lynching. Familiarity breeds it's own unique contempt, and this was focused inwards.

What ever happened to the old atheism, that simply saw the creation myth as comical, absurd - a waste of time? When did atheism begin to feel the need to counter? I guess the short answer is, a market became available to it.

I've concluded 2 things: spirituality is failed art - the desire to transcend and performs some phenomenological alchemy (create something out of nothing).

The second - well, the second is that I'm not investing the time I spend smearing these folk to concentrate on this beautiful alternative. You touched a nerve.