Sunday, February 3, 2008

daniel you're a star..

oliver asked me to teach him a 'real song' yesterday. my heart skipped it's own beat! FINALLY he will play some elton! i immediately went to work trying to teach him daniel. it was a no go. he didn't like it (?!?!?!) tiny dancer? no. as i was beginning to question our true relation he says "can you teach me a harry nilsson song, mom?" you bet your sweet ASS i can! i taught him a, simplified, version of gotta get up and he did it!!!!!!! i am still swelled with pride. or maybe that's just my gout acting up. again.


FreNeTic said...

So what constitutes a 'fake' song?

Tell Oliver I sed 'HI'.


bree said...

kitten's and the keys and all that other shit they teach you in lessons. fucking moonlight sonata. ;)

ollie talks about you often! you are being a dead beat 'uncle' :)