Friday, February 29, 2008

My fridge had become a takeout grave yard. The undistinguished Styrofoam and light cardboard containers formed together in odd shapes. Filling its space in a specific fashion that slightly resembled full Tetris screens.

I tried to imagine that most single womens refrigerators were liken to mine but I found myself plagued with the notion that most single woman weren't actively succumbing to the idea of being single. They were being asked out and were accepting! I knew they were out there. I would see them. Part of awkward twosomes scattered throughout every restaurant I frequented. Eating out alone is humbling, but preparing for one-- unbearable, at times.


thepelkus said...

Humility, thy name is microwave programming. That's why it's best to just eat leftover pizza cold!

for_the_lonely said...

If you were here, or I was there, I would make sure that you had some good homemade meals! I am such a momma! LOL

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