Sunday, March 23, 2008

A day of sweets is filled with little more than sorrow.

Awoke in dizzying pain. Two nights of sleeping slouched yet upright in a char involved with the fact that I sat on the phone last night while I typed. Cradling the phone harshly between my chin and right shoulder. This all had caught up with me somewhere in my short slumber. See, I knew sleep was over rated.

This being Easter, staying in bed all day is impossible. I had to wake up shortly after resigning myself to sleep to share in Oliver's joy, and slight terror. When he drew the lines between the fact that yes, some sort of someone- alleged to be a large rabbit- left him candy and robots and even bubbles. All things he desperately enjoyed and always wanted more of. But it had to have come into his house. This fell into the fundamentally NOT OKAY category in his mind. There's no dragging it out of there.

He's had this hang up since he could grasp the idea. Santa had to leave all offerings on the porch. being as all of his Christmas' and Easters have occurred in places where this is no problem we had appeased. This Easter, though, is on the hill. Where had i left the $20 worth of schwag in front of my door it would not have lasted more than an hour. At least that was my fear. So I put the basket just inside the door. With the idea that the least amount of space between the basket and the door, the least amount of uneasiness it would pull from Ollie. Boy was I wrong. Dude was mad.

It all started out sweetly enough. I was drawn awake by him stroking my hair. "Mommy," he softly sighed.
One of my eyes opened. It was greeted by both of his. Open wide and nearly crazed in anticipation. I grunted in response.
"can I go see what is in my Easter basket?"

I nodded, barely. This is the moment i realized my cervical dejection.


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