Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What did the English language ever do to you?

"I knew that!... I already knows that!..... I'm just nosey. I can be nosey can't I, Alright?"

Her voice was crass and hard. I wondered, rudely, if there was anyone person on this planet that fell into comfort or joy in her voice.

Her phone rang again and i looked up from my notebook. She was obviously pleased with the name that flashed across the screen because a severe smile cut itself across her pitted face. Her voice had been decidedly deeper in the last conversation. The edges of her words bashed into each other harshly, but now all of the sudden she purred in a much higher and sultry tone. It was as if when her arm raised it not only raised the phone to her ear but also her voice from the dirty gutter where it had earlier resided.

I was completely irritated by this woman. I was judging her. Though, I was inclined to feel that my judgement was of no consequence to her. Even though she was definitely a consequence to me.


FreNeTic said...

Or...when a voice raises an octave to convey a sense that things are alright - shrill posturing.

I find being privy to half a conversation maddening and irresistable at the same time.

Kerda said...

You write very well.

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