Thursday, May 29, 2008

How Can I be Sure of You, Anymore?

The tear pushed its way out from behind my soul. The first to fall is always falls with the greatest force. It left me feeling like I could be easily blown over with a breathe. His breathe. He saw the tear, and the ones that followed closely behind. He did his part by not breathing. His back was straight and his mind obviously racing with what to do to make it better, but still be true. A breathless silence was all that he could offer me right now. I pulled my things together. I was clumsy looking through my tears. I managed to walk out the door with my head high enough to make me seem slightly resolved. Now I wasn't breathing. As the door pulled shut behind me I lost it. All of it. I hoped that he was doing the same on the other side.


Snotty McSnotterson said...


FreNeTic said...

don't listen to her.

let them heal.

sometimes people heal without you.

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