Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I fell asleep at 10:20, probably the earliest i've managed in years. i woke up at 1:11 with a start over nothing. still awake at 2:49 doing THIS.

a list of rad shit i bought the other day:

murder in the cathedral (screenplay)
the freud scenario (screenplay)
my dinner with andre (screenplay)
sunday bloody sunday (screenplay)
kiss me like a stranger (gene wilder autobiography)
my favorite blank notebook x 2

grand total: 14.72 (!!!!)

i enjoyed a really great burger at kings with marissa tonight. extra bbq.

and oh my god, when did soda start tasting so good!?

this is great. complete.

i am walking to 7-11 right now to get a fountain pepsi. THAT will help me sleep.

1 comment:

MJAPA said...

Be careful walking around at 2AM! Geez woman! I HAVE to buy you that mace...