Wednesday, February 6, 2008

tee hee:

Hitchens, who is a Jewish, is known as a sharp writer.
As my mother says: sharp as a matzah and twice as crummy.

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FreNeTic said...

Well, funny axe-ing of the English language, but did you read the article? Hitch might be needing a proofreader for his next book...we see what we want to see to server our own agenda.

Looks like he might be as susceptible to selective attention and the self-fulfilling prophesy as any one of us other triumphant mortals...

I'm really creeped out that I'm in such a minority responding to your blog (que sera).

bree said...

the very basis of the philosophy is that none of us are nor have ever been supreme. i like when he displays that.

and i HATE minorities. (you really handed that one to me)

i appreciate your efforts, though. as ever.